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Go-Cart Track Closings After Complaints

Posted August 23, 2000 7:00 a.m. EDT

— It started as a fun little go-cart track in Johnston County. But now the Best Go-Cart Track in Brogden has encountered a vicious turn.

Neighbors have complained of noise and say they've received death threats from patrons. They say people at the track have slashed their tires and damaged their property. But the track's owners say 'nonsense;' they're just offering a place for kids to have fun.

"We just give the children something to do and the young people something to do," said track owner Linda Best.

But one neighbor says that people who visit the track are drinking alcohol and urinating in public.

The county has now stepped in and ordered the track closed or face a $50 a day fine for violating the local zoning ordinance. The track's owners say the will comply.