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Smart Growth Commission Offers Solutions For RTP Traffic Congestion

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RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK — Thousands of cars pack Interstate 40 every day trying to get to and from work. It can be a mess getting in or out of Research Triangle Park, but there are some new ideas on the table to fix the problem.

A new Smart Growth Commission is taking aim at issues including downtown development, regional planning, open space preservation and transportation problems.

A possible solution to solving traffic in and around the RTP may sound weird. There may be adding more sidewalks. You can barely find any there now.

"We are building our roads without pedestrian-friendly access," says Charlotte mayor Pat McCrory.

More sidewalks in a business park could make it even easier to have more mass transit in the park allowing people to then walk to work from the bus or train.

"We're building a lot of business parks without sidewalks which makes it a requirement if you want to go to a restaurant only two or three blocks away," McCrory says.

The Smart Growth Commission will not finalize its recommendations until late this year or early next year.

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