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New Device Designed to Put Brakes on Neighborhood Speeders

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FAYETTEVILLE — Speed humps and bumps are usually found in parking lots, but a new device is designed for neighborhoods. The "speed cushion" is the newest way Fayetteville is trying to put the brakes on speeders in residential areas.

For 27 years, Mike Christianson has watched cars fly by his Clearwater Drive home. But this month, he thinks traffic has slowed down. The city put down the speed cushions.

"It's doing the job right here," he says.

As part of a pilot program, police hope the cushions will get drivers to let off the gas.

"With these cushions in place, it takes the place of an officer or vehicle sitting stationery, so they work as another tool," says William Dubois of theFayetteville Police Department.

They are similar to asphalt speed bumps, but these are rubber and portable. They can be used on one street, and when speeds improve there, moved to another.

Shelly Smith likes the concept, but she has not seen a difference.

"I don't think it's doing good, because people can go over it at any speed," she says.

Most neighbors are pleased, but they think the hilly street needs more than just one.

"You've got some people who will slow down and then speed up," Christianson says. "It's just crazy."

Police realize once the cushions are moved to another area, drivers may speed again on Clearwater Drive. They know they are not foolproof, but they say it is another way to help in the fight against dangerous speeders.

The cushions have a good track record. They have proven to bepopular in Charlotte.

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