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Survivor's Million 'Richly' Deserved? Triangle Viewers Speak Out

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RALEIGH — He has been called manipulative, ruthless, a snake -- now, you can just call him a millionaire. Richard Hatch is the sole "Survivor," and people across the Triangle were speaking out Thursday.

The question probably is: Who did not see it? In Raleigh, it seems everyone is discussing island strategy.

"Rich just played the game, from what I could tell," says Jim Murray, a telephone lineman. "I don't think he really lied to anyone. I just think he played it to win."

Richard discussed his million-dollar approach on WRAL's Noon News.

"Much of what I did had to do with influencing people to make choices that they had to make," he says. "You know they were going to make a choice anyway, and if I could influence them to my benefit, then so be it. It's a game."

The lead story across the Triangle is Richard.

"Because he was a survivor, he knew how to survive," says Annette Wheeler. "If I would have been lost in the woods, I'd want to be with him, because he knows how to survive!"

Richard is rich, but he always made a poor showing in the waistline. At a Raleigh health club, one of the personal trainers had a plan.

"Get him worked out on his cardio and his nutrition, and we will just buff him up and get rid of that flab and get him going right on the right track," Cassie Brolin says. "Make that million dollars work for you!"

Get ready for the next round of "Survivor." A brand new contest, set in Australia's outback, kicks off on WRAL right after the Super Bowl in January.

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