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Students Return To Carnage Middle School One Week Late

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RALEIGH — Carnage Middle Schoolopened its doors to smiles Monday following a week of construction delays.

Even though the science labs are not done and the technology classrooms need a lot of work, Carnage Middle School had a pretty good first day.

More than 1,000 students had waited five extra days for their school to be ready. Scores of parents waved good-bye, relieved because Monday was finally a school day.

"It's really nice. It's really, like, inviting colors. Really makes you happy to be here," said student Kelly McLean.

By 7:35 a.m., the halls were cleared, friends had caught up on gossip and then grade level meetings began.

"There is new pride at Carnage and I want to just feel the pride and show the pride," said Principal Leonard King.

A few things still need to be resolved. Construction crews are still in the building, working on technology and science labs. Those classes will meet in trailers until the rooms are finished. Teachers led the way to new classrooms and new routines.

While teachers still have some settling in to do, students settled down to business. Some things seem more important than others.

"Changing classes and having your new lockers," one student said.

Despite hearing hammers and drills in some parts of the building, it is primarily the sound of teaching that is heard at Carnage Middle School.

The school leaders have worked up a make-up day plan that they will soon share with parents for their input.

They hope to have days made up in the first two quarters so that Carnage students will graduate at the same time as other students on a traditional calendar.

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