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Family: Wake County Developers Made Grave Mistake

Posted August 16, 2000 7:00 a.m. EDT

— A Wake County family says someone made a grave mistake and disrupted a century-old cemetery.

Crews were installing an underground power line for the new Atherton subdivision in northern Wake County when descendants of the Chavis family say burial plots in a family cemetery were disturbed.

"That was my mother's mother. I never got a chance to see her," says Coleen Harris, one of the Chavis descendants. "When they're dead, let them be at rest."

Relative William Harris says he confronted someone on the work crew when he saw a bone and part of a casket uncovered. He says the crew reburied the items and called a supervisor.

Developer Jay Guilford insists that no graves were disturbed. Guilford says his crew followed blueprints, which indicate no burial sites.

CP&Lsays it believes there is bad blood between the Harris family and the developer, but Guilford denies that. The power company also admits to paying for the digging at the subdivision, which is located near Interstate 540 and Leesville Road.