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Unlocked Car Doors Are Open Invitations For Crooks In Cumberland County

Posted June 21, 2000 7:00 a.m. EDT

— Over the past two months, Cumberland County Sheriff's deputies say they have seen a string of car break-ins. They say unsafe shoppers might be partly to blame.

Fayetteville resident Rhonda Trainer admits she is not always the most cautious shopper.

"There are times I'm not as watchful as I should be," Trainer says.

Most people are unaware of their surroundings, leaving themselves vulnerable to crime.

Deborah Crain works in the property crimes division of the Cumberland County Sheriff's Office. She says within the past eight weeks, there have been more than 200 car break-ins in Cumberland County alone.

"Break-ins are not always forced entry," Crain says. "A lot of times, the break-in is someone who has opened the door that you've left open."

Crain says the best defense is common sense and to spend a few extra minutes making sure your valuables are safe.

"It's not going to stop those determined to do the forced entry," Crain says. "It's just something for the average person. Just lock their vehicle and the chances go down."

There are several ways people can decrease their chances of a car break-in.

  • Park in an well-lit area free of trees and shrubs.
  • Do not forget to hide anything of value.