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Investigators Hope Sketch Will Lead to New Clues in Year Old Case

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Authorities hope this sketch will touch a guilty conscience.(WRAL-TV5 News)
FAYETTEVILLE — It was almost a year ago that a newborn boy was thrown into a Cumberland County ditch and left to die. Investigators have followed countless leads, but have come up with little information on who is responsible. Now they are hoping a sketch will help them crack the case.

Investigators believe they know what the infant would look like if he were still alive. Authorities admit a sketch is morbid, but they say so is the crime.

"We wanted to do something to generate new interest in this case because initially we got a lot of leads. They have now dwindled," says Det. Edward Brincefield of the Cumberland County Sheriff's Office.

The boy's body was found in a ditch off Canady Pond Road in the Grays Creek Community on March 3, 1999. A makeshift memorial is a reminder the killers have not been caught.

In the past year, investigators have followed 75 leads and interviewed 50 potential suspects.

"I believe that a phone call would be made anonymously. That can be done if there's anyone out there that would call in without giving your name," says Det. Nancy Cressler of the Cumberland County Sheriff's Department.

Authorities hope the sketch will touch a guilty conscience.

In an effort to find more leads, sheriff's officials will hold a roadblock where the infant was found on Friday morning. A memorial service will follow.


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