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Raleigh Man Holds Intruder at Gunpoint Until Deputies Arrive

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RALEIGH — Quick thinking may have saved a Raleigh man from a trip to the hospital. Instead of running scared when an intruder broke into his home, he took control.

Tony Moore was in his second-floor bedroom when he thought he heard someone trying to break in. He reached for his shotgun.

When he heard the intruder try to pry the doors open again, Moore says, "I just stood there, thinking, 'Uh-oh. It's what I thought.'"

Moore was about to have a close encounter. He says, "When I could hear him in the living room, that's when I came down the steps with the shotgun and looked to see if I could see him.

"[Coming down the steps] I have to be quiet and move fast, too. So, I come down the steps and look at him, and I say, 'What are you doing?' He tells me he's looking for John John.

"I walk over to him. I poke him in the chest with the gun, and I tell him to get down on the floor. He said, 'I rang the doorbell.' [Moore said] 'I know you rang the doorbell, and I intended on shooting you.'"

Moore made the intruder sit on the floor while he called 911.

Wake County Sheriff deputiesarrived and arrested Angel Spencer, 19.

What Moore did not realize was that there were three loaded guns just a few feet from where he made Spencer sit. Still, Moore says he would not change the way he handled the situation.

"It's just one of those things I thought about -- what would I do if it happened to me?" he says. "This is what I would do. That's what I did."

Moore's strategy was successful, but the Wake County Sheriff's Office recommends only calling 911 if someone breaks into your home.

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