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Ex-Survivor Gervase Comes To Raleigh To Match Wits, Tackle Obstacles

Posted August 14, 2000 7:00 a.m. EDT

— CBS'Survivorhas taken the nation by storm. One of the ex-survivors, Gervase Petersen, was in Raleigh Tuesday as a guest ofMix 101.5 WRAL-FMand WRAL-TV.

WRAL's David Crabtree, Pam Saulsby, Jim Payne, Debra Morgan and Mark Roberts decided to put him through their own immunity challenge at Bond Park in Cary.

Gervase also engaged in a battle of wits with WRAL's Renee McCoy, a loyal fan of the show, in the a special edition of WRAL'sBrain Gamequiz show.

The former castaway took part ina live chaton WRAL OnLine. Here is a sampling of the questions asked, and Gervase's responses: Q. Aside from the tribal council and the voting, what was your least favorite part of "Survivor?" Gervase:Not eating, because I love all kinds of food. Q. Do you keep in touch with any of your fellow castaways now? Gervase:I talk to Joel every day. I was with Colleen last week and I went to a Dodgers game with Dirk. Q. What are you going to do now since you are now off the island? Gervase:I'm about to blow up. TV, movies, commercials, endorsements. I want it all.

Gervase is touring the United States as part of a promotional tour.