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For Knightdale Restaurant, Looks Don't Count

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KNIGHTDALE — Some call it an eyesore. Even many of those who love to eat at Knightdale Seafood and Barbecue admit the building sticks out like a sore thumb. Soon, progress will wipe away the old cinder block structure -- but its food fans should fear not. The restaurant -- expanded -- is going to move to a new site.

Knightdale Seafood and Barbecue is the kind of place that relies on reputation, not image.

It is not a real attractive place on the outside -- but it has a good excuse. The building is 80-something years old. Over the decades, a lot of traffic has run in front of the restaurant, which is on Highway 64 East.

It began as a gas station, then became a general store, then a hardware, then a Moose Lodge. Then it became a restaurant.

Larry Addleton and his wife found their place in the building's history 13 years ago. Their food and service has kept customers coming.

"The only problem that I have now is I don't have enough seats," Larry Addleton says.

The new place, one-quarter mile up the road, will have twice as many seats. The old place? Well, it was too expensive to fix all its problems -- and the land it sits on is prime real estate.

That is why the building will be torn down. It will be missed.

There are no official plans for the property or the structure.

The old building sits on 25 acres of real estate still owned by the Cooper family, which founded the original gas station.

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