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Musical Group Aims To Be Positive Example

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DURHAM — Surf around and stop at one of the music video channels, and it will not be long before you see scenes which are sexually suggestive or titillating. Bishop George Bloomer of Durham saw one too many.

"I saw some rap videos. Girls were half naked. It was at a beach party, they were calling the girls out of their names, the music was loud."

And he knew his daughter and her friends were listening to this kind of music as well.

"And I felt that the church needs to speak to those issues," said Bloomer.

Bishop Bloomer formed Touch of Deliverance a girl group that delivers a message about Jesus. There are six in all including Bloomer's daughter, Jessica.

"I am young, I am saved, I'm myself and I like it," says Jessica. "To me, it means that every time we're singing that we're touching and delivering someone."

The girls hope they are delivering another choice, another voice to girls like themselves who are confused and confronted with negative peer pressure.

"They see young ladies up there," says Ceria Rainey, another singer in the group. "We'll probably be their role model They'll look up to us. I hope they'll like take that they can be themselves. Like we're not dressed inappropriately you know. [We'll]just show an example for them."

Touch of Deliverance is an example of the music that is created when you mix hip hop, R&B, and Christian. They want to share their faith with young people but they know before than happens, they must first connect.

Touch of Deliverance released their first CD six weeks ago. It's called "Feel like Going on". Not a bad start. It has sold 20,000 units.

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