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Wilson Hosts Babe Ruth World Series

Posted August 10, 2000 7:00 a.m. EDT

— The city of Wilson is going out to the ballpark this weekend, cheering on young athletes from across the country.

About 500 people are coming to Wilson's Fleming Stadium for the age12 and Under Babe Ruth Girls' Softball World Series. The event is a boon for the economy.

From as far away as Washington state, 150 girls and their families have converged on Wilson's stores. They have eight days to shop, and they are ready to spend. The event typically pumps $1 million into the host city's economy.

Restaurant manager Christy Proctor is preparing her staff for the increase in activity.

"We're expecting some overtime. We've already kind of staffed our schedule up for next week," she says.

How did Wilson land the national event? Organizers say hospitality did the trick. The town is earning a reputation for landing big events and appreciating them once they arrive.

"Our people do it because they love it, and I think when people come into town and see that, and see all the volunteerism and all the pride about the organization and Wilson County...it just adds to it," tournament director Mickey Davis says.

The event begins Saturday and continues through August 19. The entire family can catch the games for only $45.

The Babe Ruth baseball tournament for 13-year-olds is coming to Wilson next year.