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Radio Station Gives Hispanics a Link Back Home

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GREENVILLE — There are roughly 25,000 migrants working in the fields of North Carolina this time of year.One Greenville radio station is giving the workers a link to their homelands.

Radio station WNCT in Greenville looks like any small AM station, but it sounds much different.

When Clarissa Bacilio speaks into the microphone, her words in Spanish drift across the land. The tired men who work the land long for the sound of her voice and the music of their home.

"They're working in the fields, and they have radios there," Bacilio says. "You know, they're listening to the radio and working."

She is their link, and they hang on every word. Hanging on to the life they left behind, while reaching out for something better.

"They miss their country, and they'd like to go back. But I mean, they can't, because they want to live a better life. That's why they're here," she says.

WNCT is the only Hispanic radio station in the Greenville area, offering listeners information about schools, jobs and health. It may be the only station many migrants listen to, because it is the only station they can understand.

The station broadcasts on 1070 AM.


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