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Hot, Humid Weather Leaves Pets Scratching From Fleas

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RALEIGH — Standing, mucky water has caused a lot of problems in recent weeks. Not only is it a breeding ground for peskymosquitoes, but for fleas, too.

Veterinarian Dr. Sandra Grant is seeing flea problems in patients from Clayton and Raleigh. She says the warm, wet weather is setting them off.

"Definitely, with the heat and humidity we have in North Carolina, it's the perfect breeding ground," she says.

Grant says if you notice your pet scratching or chewing, there is a good chance fleas are to blame.

There are many flea prevention products available from veterinarians, but Grant recommends Frontline and Advantage. Both are applied to the skin once a month.

Grant says the products available in grocery stores do not work and may cause skin and coat problems.

"Unfortunately, those products, because they've been around so long, they're just not working as effectively as they should, because fleas have developed an immunity to them. They're not going to be affected by them," she says.

SpreadingDiazinoncrystals in your yard can also help prevent the spread of fleas.

Fleas also like pine straw, so pet owners may want to consider using a different mulch.

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