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Music Keeps Cary Seniors Young at Heart

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CARY — Growing older is not easy for everyone, but there are many ways to stay young at heart. Some Cary seniors are turning to music to fine-tune their golden years.

The choir members at Cary's Total Live Center are using handbells to express themselves, make beautiful music and stay active.

"The fact that there's so many different kinds of sounds you can hear, and you hear them playing and you say, 'Oh!'" says choir member Fred Rudledge.

Not only is the music soothing to the ears of these seniors, it is also therapeutic for their bodies and minds. The center director says it lifts their spirits and boosts their self-esteem.

"We use it in a fashion that they have a feeling of belonging to a group. Self-esteem-wise, they're still productive and putting on shows for folks," says center director Ricky Sica.

The bell choir's performances not only strike a chord with their audiences -- the music rings in a feeling of accomplishment for the players.

The choir performs at retirement centers in the area. Their next performance is in September.

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