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State to Hold Public Hearing on Strip Mining Permit

Posted March 12, 2000 6:00 a.m. EST

— The state says it made a mistake and is now trying to figure out how to correct it. At issue: the Belview Mountain gravel mine in Avery County.

As WRAL has reported, the state issued the mining permit without realizing the Appalachian Trail is nearby. Hikers and homeowners are deeply concerned.

Monday, the man responsible for approving the mining permit spoke with WRAL.

"It's an unfortunate oversight on our part that we were not aware," says Charles Gardner of the N.C. Division of Land Resources. "I can say at a minimum that there will be, if the quarry goes forward, there will be serious limitations put on what they can do."

The state is holding a public hearing on the issue Thursday night in Avery County.