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Halifax High School Students Have Uniform Look

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LITTLETON — Halifax County was considered daring three years ago when the school system required every elementary student to put on a uniform. Middle school followed. When students returned Monday, high schoolers put their civilian clothes aside and joined the uniform brigade.

The sea of bright blue and gold grabs attention. Northwest Halifax High students are starting a new trend. Uniforms. No Nike, no Hilfiger, like it or not.

"I don't like it," says Akilah Edmonds, "because this is my senior year and I don't like someone to dictate, OK, you can wear this but you can't wear that."

"It makes it professional. It's real clean and nice and neat," says another student, Maria Richardson.

Halifax County now requires uniforms in every school. Students balk about losing their choice, and described their normal wear.

"Normally, what I have on now, khakis and a shirt," Edmonds said. "Maybe jeans every now and then."

The policy began with elementary students three years ago. Navy and khaki are the only colors they can wear. Students take it in stride now.

At Aurelian Springs Elementary, a uniform look helps faculty spot strangers -- a safety check. And, when attire changed, so did the atmosphere.

"I like (uniforms) because people don't pick on other people for what they're wearing," said Colton Barfield.

Even skeptical teachers admit that discipline is better.

"When our children are in uniform, they tend to be more about business," says Principal Tony Moss.

Teens manage to have their small victories by incorporating special touches in their hair, so there is room for the individual.

"Just a little. Very little. Slip through the cracks. But not too far," Moss said.


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