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Shooting, Ambulance Wreck Leaves Four People Dead

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RALEIGH — According to Wake Forest Police Chief Greg Harrington, Officer Matt May responded to a domestic call about 9:30 p.m. at the Express USA gas station along Capital Boulevard in Wake Forest.

When May approached the vehicle, a man and woman were arguing. The man inside reportedly shot the woman in the head, killing her.

"The officer ran up and and tried to take the female out of the vehicle, to talk to her. Before she got out of the vehicle, she was shot," says Harrington.

The bullet ricocheted, hitting May in the hand. The dead woman is identified as Patrice Alston, 23. The male suspect, 28-year-old Ronald Williams, of Franklinton, is charged with first-degree murder and other crimes.

May and a police supervisor were on en route to WakeMed by ambulance when police say it struck a red Toyota with four people inside.

The car apparently pulled out in front of the ambulance at Capital Boulevard near Calvary Drive.

It was determined that the ambulance was not in emergency mode, was not using its sirens, was going the speed limit, when the car turned in front of it.

Two men in the car died at the scene; a third man died overnight. The police officers and two medics were not seriously injured in the crash.

The victims are Eugene Gilcrest, 22, of New York; Stephen Morris, 34, of Raleigh; and Stephen Leach, 43, of New York. A fourth passenger, Carly Livingston, 21, is in critical condition at WakeMed.

May was released from the hospital Monday afternoon.

In reviewing May's response, Chief Harrington said the officer did everything by the book.

"Officer May maintained a very professional attitude last night. In radio traffic, calling for rescue, calling for backup, he maintained his composure, and did a fantastic job."

Capt. Al White of the Raleigh Police Department said the driver of the car was at fault; there was no way the ambulance could have prevented the accident.

"The driver of the ambulance had no way of stopping in time," White said.