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Twins Drown In Neighbor's Pool; Charges May Be Filed

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Franklin County Sheriff deputies say a 21-year-old girl could face neglect charges in the deaths of her two siblings. The children drowned in a pool in the Pinecroft subdivision.(WRAL-TV5 News)
FRANKLIN COUNTY — A Franklin County family is dealing with a double tragedy -- the accidental drowning of twins in a neighbor's above-ground swimming pool.

The bodies of 5-year-old Kyle and Kelly Newton were found in a pool in the Pinecroft subdivision after a neighborhood search.

According to the sheriff's office, their 21-year-old sister could face charges in connection with the deaths. She was supposed to be watching the children while the parents were out of town.

The sister went to a store, but a county medical examiner, Dr. J.B. Purdue, says she left her boyfriend in charge at home. When the boyfriend fell asleep, the children wandered over to the neighbor's backyard. By the time the twins were found, it was too late to save them.

According to research from theConsumer Product Safety Commission, 77 percent of drowning victims had been missing from sight for five minutes or less.

Deputies say the Department of Social Services could be involved in the case on Monday.

The neighbor's pool was not fenced.

The district attorney will decide whether charges will be filed. andKay Miller