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Johnston County Library Cracks Down On Overdue Book Violators

Posted August 3, 2000 7:00 a.m. EDT

— A Johnston County library is "throwing the book" at people with overdue books.

The Kenly Public Library list one patron, Cheryl Dawn Cox, as owing $243 in fines. Police are now trying to find her. However, like so many other offenders, she moved without leaving a forwarding address.

The library is operating on a reduced budget this year and cannot afford to replace books. The library staff is willing to forgive the crime if the books are brought back.

"There's a book drop that's all they have to do is drop off the books and nothing else will be said about it except they will not be able to check books out in the Johnston County area," says head librarian Diane Bradley.

Only those who have been issued final notices are subject to criminal penalty.

Unpaid book fines under $50 are considered a misdemeanor. Fines over $50 will be considered a felony which could land the violator in jail.