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Former President Bush Visits Raleigh

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RALEIGH — Just hours after the big finale at the Republican National Convention, George W. Bush is getting some help from his father. Former President George Bush was in Raleigh for a Friday fund-raiser.

Bush had lunch at North Ridge County Club with small group of Triangle-area donors who reportedly paid $20,000 each for the opportunity.

Donors said they planned to discuss issues and the party's platform at the lunch.

"Our servers are all ready to go. The Secret Service has been here for a couple of weeks, meeting with us and making sure the ground was secure, and everything was safe for the president," says Kraig Kanitz, the country club's general manager, as he made final preparations for the visit.

Bush is keeping a busy schedule in the Tar Heel State. He will attend a fund-raiser Friday night in western North Carolina.

Politically, North Carolina is a tough state to figure out. More than half of the state's voters are registered Democrats. However, that does not translate to success at the polls.

Eight of North Carolina's congressional members are Republicans. Republicans have also won the last three presidential elections in the Tar Heel State.