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Research Company Asks For Feedback On Fayetteville's Image

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FAYETTEVILLE — Fayetteville wants to know what you think. The city has been mailing out surveys across the state to find out what people think about the community.

Most residents like Robert Simpson have varied opinions about the city of Fayetteville.

"The cost of living isn't bad. It's a good place to raise a family," Simpson says.

Gary Smith, president ofSmith Advertising & Associates Direct, wants to know how you feel about Fayetteville. The research company sent 3,000 questionnaires to businesses and homes all across North Carolina.

Some of the questions include:
  • Do you feel downtown Fayetteville adequately represents Fayetteville's area image?
  • Will the newAirborne and Special Operations Museumcompel you to visit the Fayetteville area?
  • Smith says the answers to those questions will help city leaders decide on needed improvements.

    "It will help economic development in recruiting industry," he says.

    Some people say industry is not the only thing Fayetteville needs.

    "There's not a whole lot to do for younger people," says Fayetteville resident Rhonda Yocum. "You have to go out of town."

    "My parents really didn't want me to come to Fayetteville a lot but once they learned Fayetteville has cleaned up it's image. It's not been so bad," says Fayetteville visitor Nathan New.

    The research company hopes to get back 300 surveys in order to do the study. So far, they have received 250 surveys.

    There is an extra incentive for those who take the time to complete the survey and send it in. One respondent will win $500.