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DOT Releases Draft of Transportation Improvements

Posted August 2, 2000 7:00 a.m. EDT

— Tired of the traffic tie-ups in the Triangle? Some solutions may be down the road as theN.C. Department of Transportationreleases itsDraft Transportation Improvement Plan, TIP, Thursday.

The $9.5 billion plan for 2002-08 contains more than 2,500 projects, including a significant increase in the number of guardrails along North Carolina roads.

"It's project specific," says Janet D' Ignazio, DOT chief planning officer. "It lays out exactly what's going to be done from point A to point B. It tells how much it will cost and approximately what schedule we'll be able to meet."

The plan is only a draft. Transportation Secretary David McCoy is asking for public comment on the plan between now and next April.

Safety and alternative transportation are emphasized in the plan.

"This draft TIP sets aside $54.6 million to install median guardrails 497 additional miles of highway. This plan includes $300 million for rail, $31.5 million for bicycle and pedestrian projects and more than $95 million for public transportation," says McCoy.

For the first time, $140 million is being set aside to build infrastructure to help recruit new industry.

Projects in the past included the widening of Interstate 85 and the addition ofDOT camerason Interstate 40.