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Three Area Day Cares May Lose Licenses

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DURHAM — The state is cracking down on day care centers. The crackdown is forcing a handful of centers across the state to improve their operations or lose their licenses.

TheN.C. Division of Child Developmentis advising seven facilities to straighten up their acts. Three of the seven centers are located in the Triangle area.

Bright World Child Development Center at Ebenezer Baptist Church and the Christian Child Development Academy are two Durham County facilities cited in the state's report. They were given 15 days to prove to the state why their licenses should not be revoked.

Jerrials Day Care Home on Ashbrook Road in Fayetteville is also trouble with regulators. The state recommended that Jerrials' license be revoked.

The state's certified letter alleged violations of child care requirements, including inadequate staff-child ratios, poor supervision of children and instances of child neglect.

The McRea family runs the Christian Child Development Academy. McRea contends the state has made a mistake in citing her facility. Ms. McRea covered our camera lens with her hands, saying we could not shoot video of her day care center. -->

Talitha Wright is in charge of licensing day cares in North Carolina. She says releasing the names of day care facilities that do not meet state standards is an aggressive approach that should benefit parents.

"One of the things we hope the press release will do is to help parents become aware that there are some instances where they should be concerned, where they should explore and should find out exactly what's going on," Wright says.

If the state ultimately decides to revoke a license, the provider has 30 days to appeal the decision, during which time it is allowed to remain open.

The state regulates 3,560 day care centers and 4,416 day care homes in North Carolina.