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Green Hope Marching Band Wants To Start First Season On A High Note

Posted July 26, 2000 7:00 a.m. EDT

— It is time for high school athletes and marching band members to get back on the field to prepare for another year. One school wants to start their first competitive season of marching band on a high note.

Band director Mark Beamish was recruited byGreen Hope High Schoolwhen the school wanted to start up a band from scratch.

"You begin with the simple things," he says. "You try to get as many things going as you possibly can, and then you play catch-up for a while and you work as hard as you've ever worked in your entire life."

Although Beamish started forming the band last year, this is its first year of competition. Beamish knows all about competition. He spent seven years leading theSanderson High Schoolmarching band to several championships.

Beamish has his work cut out for him at Green Hope. Since the school is so new, most of the students are either freshmen or sophomores. Most students like Ali Mortensen have never marched in a band before.

"I didn't realize how much you had to move around the field," she says. "It's just really hard. It's a lot to learn in a couple days."

During six 12-hour days of band camp, Beamish will work to fine tune the students' marching skills and coordinate their musical talents. There is something else he wants them to learn as well.

"I think what I want to teach these kids and what I want them to get out of this is there's nothing great that was ever accomplished without enthusiasm and passion," he says.

Beamish believes that passion can turn into prizes down the road. The band will start competing in October.