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Some Flood Victims Feel Left Out of Recovery Process

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EDGECOMBE COUNTY — Nearly 11 months after Hurricane Floyd, some victims say they have been left out of the recovery.

Someone in the rural Edgecombe County town of Old Sparta erected a huge sign that says the small crossroads has been overlooked by the state and federal governments.

Old Sparta resident Eugene Jones says he has a tough time getting answers from any government agency.

"They don't seem to know what they're doing.They put you off, and put you on somebody else. They had a meeting in Pinetops and a lot of people went, but nobody got answers," he says.

Only a few dozen people live in Old Sparta, and Jones thinks the small population is part of the problem. He says the town does not attract attention like Rocky Mount, Goldsboro and Princeville.

Gladys Johnson says she is also having trouble finding people who can help her.

"I feel like if we've had to get anything done, we've had to push it. We've had to look into it ourselves," she says.

The state and FEMA have said from the start that everyone will be treated fairly. They say homeowners must take the initiative to let someone know about their situation.

"The state is trying to help every disaster victim equally," says state redevelopment spokesman Robert Carver. "If people feel that they haven't been helped, they need to call their local housing counselor or the housing and business recovery center,"

If you need help, call877-877-1766. Someone there can refer you to a housing counselor in your county.

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