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Highway Patrol Wants Motorists To Keep Moving To Prevent Delays

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A wreck along Interstate 40 caused a huge delay Friday, because the drivers involved the accident remained in the middle of the road.(WRAL-TV5 News)
RALEIGH — Serious accidents typically result in traffic jams, but even fender-benders lately are causing delays on Interstate 40.

The N.C. Highway Patrol says many delays could be avoided if drivers would use a little common sense.

In a recent case, a small fender-bender caused a huge delay on Interstate 40 near the Durham Freeway. Both cars involved in the accident remained on the highway instead of pulling to the side.

Many drivers mistakenly believe their cars should remain in place after an accident. However, the Highway Patrol suggests that if no one is injured, drivers should move their cars out of the way.

"On minor crashes and collisions, we ask people to go ahead and clear the road," Highway Patrol Sgt. Wade Bullock said. "It will be safer for you and safer for the folks that are traveling on the highway."

The Highway Patrol also suggests keeping a piece of chalk in the car to mark tire positions following an accident. Drivers are then free to move their vehicles out of the way.

Accidents are not the only culprits. The Highway Patrol says drivers who slow down to look at accidents also cause long delays.



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