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Personal Information About Wake County Voters Can Be Found Online

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WAKE COUNTY — Your private life is not as private as you may think. If you are a registered voter in Wake County, your age, political affiliation and voting history are a mouse click away.

By clicking on theWake County Board of Elections Web site, your voting information can be accessible by anyone. Don and Katrina Carcich are registered voters. They say they do not like their personal information made public.

"I have nothing to hide but at the same time, Why," Don says. -->

Doug Holbrook works with the Wake County Board of Elections. He says the Public Information Act requires that the Board makes voter registration -- names, addresses, ages, party affiliations -- available to the public through the election books and the Internet.

"When the Public Records Act was passed, the concept of what was available on the Internet was fairly new," Holbrook says. "The books are available for the public to peruse because that is one of the ways of reducing election fraud. The public has a right to look at those voter registration records and make a determination that a person does or does not still live where they say they live."

Durham,Cumberland, andOrangecounties do not post their voting information on the Internet. However, Durham County says they are considering the plan.


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