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Durham Police Reach Out To Teens To Prevent Violent Crime

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While Durham is plagued with a soaring crime rate, Police officers like Jeff Page are hitting the streets to prevent violent crimes by teenagers.(WRAL-TV5 News)
DURHAM — WhileDurhamis plagued with a soaring crime rate, some people are starting to point the finger of blame at teenagers.

Corporal Jeff Page of the Durham Police Department has been patrolling Durham streets for 16 years. He says he has seen a lot of changes.

"I've seen more violent crime by younger kids," Page says.

More teenagers are starting to hang out in parking lots of local businesses because many community centers are closed on Saturday nights. That could be trouble for bored teenagers that could find ways to get into trouble.

Page says the early evening hours are relatively calm, but during the late night, it can become dangerous.

"There is an old saying at nighttime that there are only two people on the street, cops and criminals," Page says.

Page says he thinks a curfew would help cut down on juvenile crime and make parents more responsible. He also believes that it is important to interact with kids now before it is too late.



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