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Kids Clog Aisles of Bookstores To Get Harry Potter's Latest Book

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RALEIGH — Harry Potter book fans jammed the aisles of Triangle area bookstores around midnight Friday to purchase the much-anticipated book, "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire."

One fan, Chafe Bernhardt, says he has read all of Harry Potter's books. He says he cannot wait for the fourth book in the series.

"I am so excited about it. I'm just so excited," Bernhardt says.

J.K. Rowlands' book series about a boy wizard has become a publisher's dream. Young boys are among the series' biggest fans.

"I thought I was really there when I was reading it," Bernhardt says.

Kristen Johnson says Potter's written magic makes every volume a page turner.

"You're on the edge of your seat reading as you get into it," Johnson says. "When you read it, you have to finish the next page."

In an age of video games and special effects, the book is a welcome surprise for adults.

"It's a whole world and I think that is why adults are getting into it," says bookstore manager Melaine Gray. "When I was reading, I felt, 'Why am I so into this? It's a kid's book.' But it's a world and that's what I think she (Potter) has done."

Other adults are captivated about how Potter's books can draw kids' attention.

"I think it is because of the adventure and it appeals to the kids' sense of adventure," says nanny Leslie Davis. "It really pulls their imagination more than other books."

More than 300,000 readers have already placed orders for the book withAmazon.com.

The huge shipment will also be a challenge for Federal Express as they gear up to deliver the thousands of books.

"Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire" retails for $25.95. However, most booksellers are offering significant discounts. The first-print run of the book set a record. The publisher printed 3.8 million copies.

Harry Potter will also be translated to the silver screen. The movie adapted from the first book is slated for release in 2001.

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