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Raleigh Business Turns Dream Cars Into Reality

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RALEIGH — Many of us have our "dream car" in mind -- the ultimate automobile. A Raleigh business is turning dreams of exotic cars into reality.

Krause and Englandis not your average car repair shop. The 18-year-old company specializes in the restoration and maintenance of foreign cars -- many of them are vintage or historic models, and most of them are Italian.

"You look at the culture, their food, their music, their art, their cars," said owner Peter Krause. "It's fashion and it's excitement."

Krause and four specialists combine 40 years of experience to maintain cars owned by people in high pressure, high-paying jobs who get behind the wheel to get away from it all.

An Alfa Romeo Formula One car driven by Mario Andretti was one of the company's many special projects. The shop specializes in hand-formed aluminum bodies, highly-tuned engines, and racing.

"Suffice it to say that many of the cars that come here are cars that [cost as much as] a decent-sized house inside the Beltline," Krause said.

Krause claims these cars embody the human spirit that lusts for them.

"They're passionate, they're expressive, they're not perfect machines," Krause said, "but they're beautiful to look at, wonderful to listen to, and they're like an art form."

The success of his company has made the dream possible for Peter Krause. His dream car is a Ferrari. He owns one and drives it to work every day.

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