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Singing Canadian Twins Hope For Big Break In North Carolina

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Stede (left) and Monte (right) Delzorro hope to break into the music business. The twins says their music is a new career path to replace an old career rut.(WRAL-TV5 News)
CARY — The jump into a new career may be a little bit easier if you have a twin brother taking the leap with you. A pair of twins from Canada hope to break into the music business.

Stede and Monte Delzorro say their music is a new career path to replace an old career rut. Monte painted houses for a living while Stede was a school teacher. However, the job title they always wanted was "Songwriting Team."

"We wouldn't be here if it weren't for the songs. We've been working on the songs since we were teenagers," Stede says. "All we have to do is deliver them so it's not an ego thing. We're just there to do the songs."

The Delzorros have worked in several states up and down the east coast. However, they say audiences in cities like Asheville, Carrboro and Chapel Hill appreciate original music. They are also home to recording studios friendly to new artists.

"We love the South and they love us," Monte says. "As long as you look alike, they like you."

The Delzorros' music cannot be found in stores. They do not have a recording contract yet. They will be performing July 8 at the Silk Road Tea House in Chapel Hill.


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