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Getting on the Right Side of Flag Regulations

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RALEIGH — July Fourth is one of the prime dates for flying Old Glory -- but there is protocol about how it should be done.

There is a brand-new American flag in front of the Newberry home in Historic Oakwood, proudly hung.

"I was in the service before the war and I am enjoying the peacetime the war settled," B.D. Newberry said.

It flies properly on a staff, but something is amiss at the Newberry home. The flag is on the wrong side of the door.

The American Legion says many people do not know the proper etiquette -- a flag code set by Congress.

"We adults have a responsibility there to instruct our children the proper way to pay respect to the flag and everything matters, everything counts," says Frank Stancil of the American Legion.

So where do you hang the flag? Coming out the front of the house, the flag should be on the right of the door.

If you come down the steps and face it from the curb, the flag will be on your left.

The flag should only fly from dawn to dusk and at night only if you light it.

Take it down in bad weather and never let it touch the ground or drape on anything else.

Businesses can display a flag but the code requires restraint.

"Be careful not to advertise by using the United States flag as an attention getter," Stancil cautions. "That should not be. That is against the flag code."

The American Legion encourages enthusiastic flag waving, but that which follows the rules. B.D. Newberry, too.

"The next time you see this house, it will be on the other side of the door," Newberry says.

When your flag is worn out, do not throw it in the trash. A worn out flag should be burned and the ashes buried respectfully.

Any American Legion will dispose of a flag for you in a special ceremony, usually held on June 14 -- Flag Day.


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