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Triangle Drivers Plagued By Pothole Problems

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RALEIGH — As the wintry mix of snow and ice melts, drivers across the Triangle are getting jolted by the ugly byproduct of the recent storms: potholes.

"I think the ice made it a lot worse when it melted, and I think it sank into the blacktop itself and kind of messed it up a little bit," said driver Adam Slight. "I've been having to swerve farther and farther to miss it every day on my way home from school."

A pothole on Enterprise Street near Cameron Village has grown into a crater, and shallow potholes on Six Forks Road over the Beltline cover the entire overpass.

Drivers may have to get used to them. Raleigh will not start on the potholes until the snow plows finish their work.

Local asphalt dealers have been out of production since the storm hit. It will take a few days to make enough asphalt to fill all the holes. In the meantime, the elements are not helping.

"The water freezing and thawing is our biggest enemy as far as the creation of potholes," said Mac Jones, Raleigh street supervisor. "If there's a small crack there, and the water gets in it, the freeze/thaw cycle just heaves it up and bursts it."

Once the snow melts, it is just another task for the road crews and another obstacle for drivers.

If you live in Raleigh and you want to report a pothole, you can call919-831-6446.

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