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Kroger Covers Up Cosmo Headlines

Posted January 11, 2000 6:00 a.m. EST

— Most magazines that are covered up at the newsstand have pictures on the front that many consider too racy for young children. Now, a national grocery store chain is covering up one of the most popular women's magazines, but it is not the pictures that are controversial.

Officials at Kroger grocery stores say they are covering up Cosmopolitan Magazine at their 2,200 national outlets because they have received complaints about the headlines.

"It's really more with the titles, a lot of it revolves around a sexual nature," says store manager Scott Harris.

Officials say the text is offensive to some of their younger customers. Some parents say if the articles are the reason behind the cover-up, many other magazines should also be put under wraps.

Tanya Floyd says most kids do not even notice the magazine. "I think they'd be more interested in all the other things surrounding the checkout area, like the candy," Floyd says.

But Ralph Vernon stands behind Kroger's decision. "I don't know that the subject matter is even in the best interest of many adults," he says.

Seventy percent of Cosmopolitan magazines are sold when people see the cover, read the headlines, and throw it in their carts, but a spokesperson from the magazine says even though the nation's largest grocery store chain is covering them up, sales will not be affected.

Officials at one local Kroger are not too worried either. They are currently sold out of the magazine.