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Jury Finds Gang Member Guilty of Murder

Posted June 29, 2000 7:00 a.m. EDT

— A Cumberland County jury found admitted gang member Christina Walters guilty of murder Friday afternoon.

Walters was convicted of randomly abducting and murdering Tracy Rose Lambert and Susan Raye Moore as part of an initiation into the Crips gang in August 1998.

The jury also found Walters guilty of attempted murder for carjacking and shooting Deborah Cheeseborough several times, leaving her to die in the woods at Fort Bragg in August 1998.

On Thursday, Walters admitted to shooting Cheeseborough, but only because fellow gang member Paco Tirado told her to.

The sentencing phase of the trial begins next week. The jury will decide whether Walters will die or spend the rest of her life in prison.

Tirado and Eric Queen are now on death row at Raleigh's Central Prison for those killings.

Six other defendants in the cases are still awaiting trial.