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Trees Accidently Cleared from Cumberland County Home

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CUMBERLAND COUNTY — Dozens of trees came tumbling down in Cumberland County recently. The logging company which cut them did not have permission to do so, and the mistake was not discovered until it was too late.

"[I'm] shocked, devastated. It's definitely not the same property I bought," says homeowner Craig Pelletier.

Pelletier's Cumberland County home sat on two acres of wooded property. That is not entirely true anymore. The homeowner estimates he lost 100 trees.

"Now you can see the neighbor's back of the house, their trees, their lawn, which means they can see us too," he says.

One day the sound of falling trees seemed too close. A logging company, clearing a lot nearby, cleared some of Pelletier's land, too.

"We made a mistake when we crossed the line," says Norman McNeill of Locklear Logging.

Locklear Logging says the property line was flagged wrong by the timber company it were working for.

The company, Powell and Sons, says Locklear Logging cut down trees on the wrong side of the flags, knocking down the fence that lined Pelletier's property in the process.

"It was so thick in there. So when we knocked over a tree, it knocked the fence down so when we went in there, we didn't see the fence," says McNeill.

Pelletier says the timber company has offered to pay for the trees, but he says it is not about money.

"It will never be the same. It will take 50 years for these trees to grow back. You and I won't be here," says Pelletier.

The homeowner worries the wildlife he enjoyed looking at so much will not be here either.

Pelletier has talked with an attorney to help him consider his options.

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