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Puppy, Money Stolen from Cumberland County's Animal Haven Shelter

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FAYETTEVILLE — There are not many people who can resist the sad, longing eyes of a puppy. It seems someone wanted a dog so badly they stole one and more from Animal Haven -- Cumberland County's busiest no-kill shelter.

Late Sunday night, someone broke into the animal shelter through a window. They left with a six-week-old Boxer-Labrador mix, money from a vending machine and an estimated $50 from two donation jars.

"It makes me very angry, especially since they took a puppy. What's going to be the outcome of that puppy being taken by someone like that," says shelter manager Lynn Stone.

Money left in the donation jars helps cover spay and neutering costs, medicine and medical care. The money is donated by people who adopt pets from the shelter.

"It's just for taking care of animals. No one's making a profit here, I think it's really sad," says Travis Phillips, a volunteer at the shelter.

In November, Animal Haven was robbed of money twice. The suspects broke in through the same window. A man was arrested in one of the cases.

The shelter took precautions after that, but it did not stop this recent robbery. There are now plans to board up the window.

"They do this for the community and somehow we have to look out for them. It's disappointing to come in here and hear that this has happened," says Miquel Figueroa who, with his daughter, were at the shelter looking for a puppy to adopt.

The non-profit shelter is hoping someone will donate a security camera or alarm system. If not, it is considering a guard dog in the lobby of the building.

Police have not identified any suspects.