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Contestants Eat Pig Brains, Not Rats In Radio Station's 'Survivor' Contest

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RALEIGH — What would you be willing to do to get concert tickets? Raleigh radio station G-105 is taking a page from the CBS show "Survivor" to find out.

Instead of a desert island, two men and two women are camping out at Adventure Landing on Capital Boulevard with only the clothes on their backs.

They started with 20 bottles of water and must eat only bread, baby food, sardines and pig brains.

"I am very much mature and used to the luxuries of life, but not this," says contestant Marguerite Woollen. "If I can do this at my age, 42, then there are other people who could do stuff like this."

Each morning radio listeners will vote one of the survivors out of the competition. The survivor who makes it until Friday will win front row seats and backstage passes to N'Sync.