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Speed Hump on Hay Street Slows Drivers

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FAYETTEVILLE — Speeding drivers are getting a wake-up call in downtown Fayetteville as a Hay Street crosswalk is catching them by surprise.

Flags, a bright orange sign, even the city's police department just several feet away are not enough to slow down drivers determined to make time. But the crosswalk is.

The crosswalk is meant to slow things down so pedestrians can cross Hay Street safely, but cars sometimes notice it too late, screeching to a halt. Skid marks show where cars have gone just a little too fast.

"They're coming down the hill, and they see this light down here [is] green, and it's quite natural to see if I can make it," says public information officer Jason Brady.

Brady says to his knowledge there have been no complaints about the crosswalk. However, he says the city may decide to repave that section of Hay Street to make the ramp a little smoother for drivers.


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