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Fayetteville Considers Revising the Marvin Plan

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RALEIGH — It is back to the drawing board for a Fayetteville revitalization project. City leaders and business owners say the Marvin plan of 1996 is old and outdated. Now they are calling for a new, up-to-date version.

Reece Shore believes in preserving history, which is why he owns and runs an Antique and Gift Store. But during his 11 years in downtown Fayetteville, Shore has seen businesses come and go. That is why he is anxious to see the city's new revitalization plan.

"We came downtown because we really felt strong about the progress we made," Shore says.

The Marvin Plan symbolizes that progress. It is the city's vision for attracting new events, businesses and people to downtown.

Devised four years ago by landscape artist Robert E. Marvin, the plan looked at adding a new park, a magnet school, even a 10,000-seat amphitheater to Fayetteville. To Shore, that means more money.

"I'm a retailer, and I have a business here, and I'd like to see more sidewalk traffic," he says.

The problem is the Marvin plan does not include recent additions to the city, including a new jail and the new airborne special operations museum. So city leaders are calling for an update.

"I think everybody agrees -- even Mr.Marvin who came out with the original plan says it's time for an update," says Chief Planning Officer Jimmy Teal.

But Shore hopes that update does not mean another four years wasted.

"We can't stop now," Shore says. "Let's don't waste any more time, any more money, but utilize the information we have."

City Manager Roger Stancil says the city still has more than $200,000 left over from Marvin's contract. That money could be used to update the plan.

The Fayetteville City Council will make a decision about the plan within the next two months.