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Highway Patrol Debuts Double Radar

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RALEIGH — Most state troopers catch speeders as they pass in front of their patrol cars. A new weapon may have speeders thinking troopers have eyes in the back of their heads.

North Carolina state troopers have caught a lot of speeders with their single antenna radar. Now, the highway patrol is doubling up.

Troopers are moving to a new double antenna radar system that allows them to catch speeders who are in front of themandbehind them.

As coordinator of the state's speed measuring program, Sgt. John Nyberg is testing the only double antenna unit on the road in North Carolina.

The state is still in the bidding process, but the idea is to phase in the new radar to 1,100 patrol cars statewide.

The main reason for the new radar is the growing number of median barriers on North Carolina highways. The barriers increase driver safety, but they decrease troopers' ability to catch speeders.

Troopers say it will take between five and 10 years to outfit their fleet with the new double antenna radar.