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Inmate Escapes from Hoke County Jail; Second Incident in 10 Days

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HOKE COUNTY — For the second time in ten days, Hoke County deputies are searching for an escaped prisoner. A man charged with first-degree rape and breaking and entering broke out of the jail Sunday afternoon.

Officials says Raymond Jones, III, 19, of Hoke County, escaped about 1 p.m.

A manhunt stretched into Cumberland County Sunday afternoon. Officers from five departments along with search dogs spent hours looking for the fugitive.

Jone's stepmother says he made a stop at his ex-girlfriend's house, but by the time police got there, he was gone.

Sheriff Jim Davis acknowledges there are problems with the jail. He says his focus now will be to correct them.

"This, in my estimation, was human error," says Davis. "We're looking at establishing more security measures, and, of course, instructing staff to be more security conscious."

The Hoke County Jail sits across the street from a popular park. Two jail breaks in less than two weeks have residents concerned.

Stacey Betty keeps a close eye on her children when they are at the park. She believes safety and jail security should be a top priority.

"I would hate for something to happen. There's a school right here," she says.

Sheriff Davis says Jones escaped while being taken from one part of the jail to the other. He apparently broke loose from a female guard and ran.

Jones was arrested last week. Hoke County officials say he should be considered dangerous.

Anyone with information or who may have seen Jones is asked to call their local authorities.

On June 15,two inmates escapedfrom the Hoke County Jail; both men were caught within 24 hours.


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