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Fayetteville Cashing in on Red Light Runners Thanks to Added Traffic Cameras

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FAYETTEVILLE — Cameras being used to catch red light runners in Fayetteville are paying off. There are now five of the cameras up and running throughout the city, with plans to add five more.

At the intersection of Sycamore Dairy and Bragg Boulevard last month, more than 800 people ran a red light and were caught on tape.

More than $50,000 in fines has been collected. Drivers who do not want to pay the $50 fine say they are being extra cautious.

"I know I'm very careful I stop and watch the light. If that thing's on green and about to turn yellow, I'll stop on yellow," says motorist Jerry Lucas.

A camera is now up at Martin Luther King Freeway and Ramsey Street, and two cameras are set up at the intersection of Yadkin Road and Santa Fe.

The next two cameras will be installed by the mall on Skibo Road.

So far, 11 people who have contested their tickets have all lost. Some of their excuses: a truck was in front of them so they could not see the light or that the signal was yellow.

The city has waived one ticket because the driver provided documentation that she was on the way to the hospital in an emergency.

The city says its goal is to change driving behavior and reduce the number of accidents in the Fayetteville area.


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