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Raleigh Hero a Positive Influence in the Lives of Children

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RALEIGH — Regina Cooke helps children -- her friend's children, children she meets, and children she thinks can grow up to be role models of their own.

She is one of five heroes nominated by people in the community and honored earlier this week in Raleigh. Her portrait joins others on a mural on the back wall of Raleigh's City Market.

Cooke is a writer, role model and hero. She paid for one little boy to go to basketball camp and for a little girl to enter a pageant.

She has served as a teacher, mentor and writer. "A Thankful Heart" is her children's story with a moral.

"I see children with the potential to become something really wonderful in life if people would just raise them the right way," she says. "When you see children that are so obedient and respectful, that really makes you appreciate them more, and you know, want to do something for them."

Cooke tries to be a friend, role model and hero.

"When you feel like hope is gone, look inside you and be strong," she says. "They you'll finally see the truth. The hero lies within you. And all about casting fears aside, knowing that you can survive no matter how tough times get."

Cooke says she finds joy in making a positive difference in people's lives.

"I feel like they need all the positive influences they can get," she says.

Regina Cooke grew up in Franklin County. She has no children of her own, but does have a goddaughter.

Not only does she help children, Cooke has a job caring for an elderly woman. It is what Regina does. She cares.

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