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K-9 Cops Show Off Skills To Spectators At National Conference In Fayetteville

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FAYETTEVILLE — Hundreds of police officers and their canine co-workers were in Fayetteville Wednesday for the National K-9 conference.

The dogs of the North American Police Work Dog Association have a serious duty to keep the public safe from harm.

"The public is actually much safer when we send dogs, when necessary, rather than firing bullets," says police dog trainer Stephen Mackenzie. "The bullets, we have no control over after they leave the barrel."

The dogs know how to attack criminals, sniff out drugs and even protect their partners.

"You see the canine units riding around town, I just thought they sat in the backs of cars," says spectator Laurice Braggs.

Kevin Kleckner, a spectator at the event, says the dogs can perform a variety of tasks.

"They can do everything from finding a lost child to finding drugs, finding explosives and finding weapons used in crimes," says spectator Kevin Kleckner.

The names of police dogs killed in the line of duty are written on the national monument in Washington right next to the names of slain police officers.

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