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Authorities Warn About Telephone Schemes Making Their Way Around Raleigh

Posted June 18, 2000 7:00 a.m. EDT

— Authorities are warning Raleigh residents about two telephone schemes making their way around the city. "Police Protective Association":If someone calls you asking for money on behalf of the Raleigh Police Department, hang up.

Raleigh police say a group calling itself the "Police Protective Association" has been calling people and claiming to be raising money for the department.

Police say it is not true. The department says it never uses telemarketers to raise money for its programs.

TheN.C. Attorney General's Officewarns you should alwaysinvestigate a charitybefore making a donation. Credit Cards Lowering Interest Rates:Resident Ed Merritt says someone called him claiming to represent Visa and Mastercard. Merritt says the caller told him that the companies were lowering their interest rates and that Merritt deserved a refund for interest overpayment, up to $1,000.

The caller than asked for Merritt's credit card number. Merritt refused to provide it.

"If you owe me a thousand dollars, then just send it," Merritt told the caller. "That's when he got angry and said, 'Who said I was going to send you a thousand dollars?' That's when I knew he wasn't what he was supposed to be, and I just hung up."

Hanging up is exactly what officials suggest doing.

Authorities say consumers should never give out bank or credit card information to people who call them over the phone.