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Man Expresses Thanks To Durham Bulls Medical Staff For Saving His Life

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DURHAM — A day at the ballpark could have ended in tragedy for one family. David Lennon's heart stopped at aDurham Bullsgame. A fast response by ballpark workers let him live to see another game and thank the people who saved him.

Lennon had a heart attack two weeks ago at the ballpark. Usher Betty Green ran for help. Ballpark medics hooked David up to an automaticdefibrillatorand got his heart beating again.

"All I remember is putting my rear end on the gurney and falling," David says. "They said I went into cardiac arrest right there."

For those who saved David, it was a good feeling to see him again.

"In four years, this is the first time I've gotten to meet somebody again," says Durham Bulls Athletic Park EMT Vanessa Kellam. "It was really nice."

"The book he gave us, "God Promises For You," I will keep and cherish it and remember it for a long time," Green says.

David says he will remember the incident as being in the right place at the right time. His doctors told him there is less than a 50 percent chance someone suffering a cardiac arrest will get proper medical help in time.

"Everything came together," David says. "The EMTs were right there. They had the equipment, they knew what to do. They did it, and it worked."

David ended up having triple bypass surgery. He said he is feeling much better.

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