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MTV Spends A Day In The Life of a Fort Bragg Soldier for Fall Documentary

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FORT BRAGG — Millions of students will spend a day in the life of a Fort Bragg soldier this fall, as seen through the eyes of Music Television and Channel One.

MTVis teaming up withChannel Oneto produce a one-hour documentary about the military.

The documentary about military life hopes to shed light on the young men and women who defend our country.

"The role of the military has changed a lot in the past decade in terms of what our targets are and what our military actually does," says Channel One's Laura Ling, "and so that's why we are here just to find out what these people are doing and how they live their lives."

The documentary hopes to speak to the young military as well.

"The military consists of a large portion of the population that doesn't get spoken to very often," says MTV correspondent Serena Altschul.

The documentary comes at a time when the military is having difficulty recruiting, and the army could not ask for better publicity.

The crew has already made visits to other military branches and is at Fort Bragg this week. They will also visit Camp LeJeune for the big Purple Dragon Exercise.

The documentary will air on MTV and in more than 12,000 schools sometime this fall.